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August 22, 2012 by: 0

unhide youtube tagsYouTube Tags. YouTube finally decided to remove all video Tags from showing up on video pages. ytKeane from youtube mentioned, this move has been taken because gave users an opportunity to abuse tags. Keane said Youtube  see that the tags are not really needed by the users. In fact, video tags are abused by copied from one video to another video.

He wrote:Tags no longer appear on this page – this isn’t a bug, but a change that went out this week. Having them on the watch page, in some cases, gave users an opportunity to abuse tags by copying them from other videos. We also didn’t see much usage of tags by the average viewer.

In no way does this mean you should not tag your videos. YouTube will continue to use it for discovery and search purposes. Keane explained:Though tags don’t appear on the video page, anyone who uploads should keep adding them to your videos. Tags are still used to aid the discoverability of your videos like they have before, the only difference now is that they don’t appear on the video page.

Since YoTube become the second biggest search engine after Google, abusing keywords on video tags be the easiest method to get Top Rangking for Video. This situation, of course, will open up new opportunities for programmers who will create software that can unhide youtube tags.

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